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We provide quality, compassionate, and personalized veterinary care for every pet

Our veterinarians and staff are devoted to staying on top of the latest diagnostics, treatments, and wellness programs to maintain your pet’s optimal health.

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Dr Marg Wood, DVM, Spruce Grove Vet Clinic
Dr Marg Wood

Dr Marg Wood and her animal health care team have been serving the needs of pets in the tri-municipal area for over 20 years

Parkland Vet Clinic Small Animal Hospital in Spruce Grove

Why we’re best able to care for your pet.

"Parkland Veterinary Clinic is a group of compassionate veterinarians and technicians focussed on appreciating the human-animal bond."

Caring for Small Animals in the Tri-Municipal Area

A visit to a veterinary clinic can be a source of major stress for you and your pet, so we make every effort to reduce the stress as much as possible.

We provide care for cats and dogs only.

We clean and prepare the examination area so that your pet can be immediately placed into their own room and have as few interactions as possible during your visit.

Serving All Your Pets Needs

Dental Care

Our clinic provides complete dental care for your small animal. We provide dental x-rays, teeth cleaning or if need be, oral surgery


Xrays are instrumental tools for your vet and can reveal a substantial amount of information with relation to your pet’s health. With an in house xray facility, your vet is quickly able to assess any isues and advise.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pet has many advantages to both you and your pet. We can perform these surgeries for dogs and cats.


We provide all core vaccinations for kittens and puppies.


Just as helpful for humans, ultrasound for pets will provide valuable insight into your pets health. Ultrasound is performed in house, as with xrays, allowing for quicker diagnosis.

Rehabilitation Techniques

Our clinic offers preventive, regenerative and rehabilitative medicine to ensure that both yours and your pet’s needs are met optimally and in-house. We use laser therapy and are having great success with other treatments as well.

The Team behind the Scene

Our clinic runs on the technical skills of many people. Our vets, animal health technicians, kennel staff and receptionists all come together as a single team to provide excellent care and comfort to your pet.

Pet Nutritional Consulting

We specialize in making sound dietary and nutritional recommendations for dogs and cats with medical conditions. We make recommendations and formulate diets based on current principles of dietary management and the pets' food preferences. We offer choices based on the known current scientific literature and more than 25 yrs of clinical experience.


  • Help with obesity
  • Prevent pancreatitis
  • Dissolve bladder stones
  • Reduce chances of heart disease
  • Live a long and healthy life
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